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Four free tips from BitWin24

Everyone who newly registers with BitWin24 through your winchain link will receive a block of four free tips. This is a particularly effective way to generate new affiliates for your winchain. Of course, these free tips will not be deducted from your balance, but will be provided by BitWin24 for free for promotional purposes.

This gives you the opportunity to make lively use of them. How you can use these free tips most effectively, you will learn on these pages.



QR codes are square graphics that contain various information and can be read with QR code scanners.

You can have QR codes created for free via numerous online generators. Note, however, that not everyone has a QR code scanner installed on their cell phone. Therefore, your recommendation link should always be available in written form on the graphic. Most of the time these reflinks are relatively long, don’t look professional and hardly anyone will bother to type in this number/letter jumble.

A shortener like makes things much clearer.

Grow your Winchain

Family, friends and relatives

Very effective, but also somewhat time-consuming, is personal contact. With a casual conversation where you can address individual questions and any concerns your interlocutor may have, you can build your downline very quickly.



Advertising with flyers is also a very interesting way to win new partners. In our download area you will find suitable templates on which you only have to insert your individual QR code or ref link.


Car advertising

On your car you can put a foil lettering with the BitWin24 logo and your personal QR code. Cars are a very good advertising medium, because they are naturally seen by many people. The lettering is available at low prices on eBay or Amazon.

Tip: At the moment there is a promotion from BitWin24, where you get 200 € in BWI-Coins for sticking them on your car. But pay attention to the exact conditions especially regarding the required dimensions. You can find the exact conditions in the official Telegram info channel of BitWin24:


Tabletop display for shopkeepers

Especially self-employed people have the possibility to reach many people with tabletop displays in or in front of the store. Here again, the QR code is very important and should not be too small.

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