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Betting & Drawing

You can bet on 6 out of 16 numbers and letters. Weekly betting is possible until Friday at 23:59! On Saturday at 19:00 the winning numbers will be announced. A betting block (four single tips) costs 5,50 €, when paying with the in-house cryptocurrency (see BitWin24-Coin) there is a 50% discount!

Jackpot in Bitcoin

The jackpot is invested in Bitcoin and is thus positively influenced by the constant growth and increase in value of Bitcoin! The payout can be made in Bitcoin, the in-house cryptocurrency (the BitWin24 coin) or in Euros.

Increase your chance to win

The referral system (Winchain) is probably the most underestimated feature of BitWin24! By referring friends and acquaintances, the chance to win is increased in up to 12 levels.

Forgery-proof & Transparent

Due to the advanced blockchain technology, the lottery is particularly forgery-proof and transparent!

KYC verification

In order to avoid money laundering, players must verify themselves through the "Know Your Customer" process before a prize is distributed.


With 2% of each winnings distribution BitWin24 supports people, ideas and projects that work in the areas of equal opportunities, environmental protection, animal welfare, education, health and well-being to create positive things in the world!

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Currently the jackpot is over 3 million euros!

By registering via the button below, you will automatically be credited with a betting block and thus have four individual free chances to win the jackpot and test the lottery! *

*Game participation from 18 years. Gambling can be addictive, info and help at!

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